The Analog Distortion is a unique artwork that plays with human perception and the potential of simple geometric shapes. Created with a marker on paper, this artwork is a testament to the power of minimalism and precision. The careful placement of lines and shapes creates a mesmerizing visual effect that draws the viewer's attention and sparks their imagination.
The artwork is a meticulously crafted, hand-drawn distorted grid using a 1mm marker. The dimensions of the artwork are 50 x 70 cm. This highly detailed and intricate piece that requires a lot of patience and precision. Alongwith the precision, there are significant amount of "human" error in the piece as, I believe these errors are like fingerprints which are unique to the time and skill level and differentiates the artwork from a "machine" generated product.
Inspired by the idea of extending the artwork beyond the traditional frame, I decided to explore the possibilities of screen printing on textiles. Through this process, I was able to reproduce the artwork on t-shirts and jute bags, creating functional and wearable pieces of art. This allowed me to bring the beauty of the Analog Grid to a wider audience and make it a part of their everyday lives.
Using a traditional printing technique like screen printing not only ensures the quality of the artwork but also adds a unique texture and dimension to it. The resulting pieces of clothing and bags become a canvas for the artwork, showcasing its simplicity and beauty in a new and exciting way.
The Analog Distortion is a true representation of my passion for art and design. Through this artwork and the process of screen printing, I was able to push the boundaries of traditional art and create something that is both functional and beautiful.
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