The artwork series is a play on the fact that these 3 basic shapes has the potential of expressing such complex creatures through a combination of compositons and play human perception which can not unsee the animals or think otherwise. These were crated digitally and I experimented with diffrent textures and color techniques.
The artworks are brought to life through the medium of RISO printing, after a lot of experimenting digitally with different styles and textures, the idea was 
RISO printing is a unique printing process that produces high-quality prints with vibrant colors and a distinct texture. It is often used in small print runs for zines, art prints, and other creative projects. The process uses soy-based ink and produces minimal waste, making it an eco-friendly option as well. I'm excited to see how your series turned out using this technique.
Above you can see a digital simulation of how the artworks shall look like after printing, the idea was to embrace the imperfections of the printing process to create overlapping later and use the texture created by the printing process highlight to highlight the process and create a bold impact full graphic. After recieving some critque and going through some experimentation, I made changes and proceeded towards final production.
The final produce.
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